Moving beyond the limits of website content management

Rethink your website content management

Horizon ICM (Integrated Content Manager) offers you a fast and easy way to manage your online presence. If you're a small business owner or a growing corporation, Horizon ICM offers a suite of tools to suit your needs.

The right tool for the right job

Don't settle for a blog to sell your business. If you can set up a blog, you can achieve a far more professional-looking results with Horizon ICM... and the best part is, we're always here to help.

Horizon ICM is as unique as you are, with customizable features to show off your product or business.

Take control of your content

What do you want your website to say about you? Your content is key to creating your professional image. You need to maximize its impact on new and existing clients to get your message heard.

Horizon CMS offers a toolkit for the beginner while also offering deluxe features for the advanced user. No other software or service provider is flexible enough to accommodate multiple users with varying skill and security levels. Combine those features with add-on "artifacts", interactive menu bars, and intuitive commands, and you have a system you can really work with.

Communicate Effectively With Your Users

Horizon CMS allows you to control your marketing efforts by creating multiple streams or channels within a single website. Instead of maintaining multiple websites, you can target different groups of users through different domains in the same site, saving time and money.

Planning an online sale or campaign? You can easily direct pages to go live or deactivate at the times and dates you choose... whether you're there or not. You can also change your data collection fields on the fly without modifying or re-creating your customer database... your data can finally work for you.

Multi-user platform for secure collaboration

You may have used off-the-shelf content management systems before and wondered why everything takes so long. With traditional content management systems you have to navigate a bloated workflow process that submits approvals through a chain of users. Often your content is republished and your page reloads for every minor change.

Break free of the complicated workflow and get used to the idea of one-touch approvals. With Horizon CMS, you can approve content, modifications and versions with a single touch. Offer contrubutors control of their own site sections. Drag-and-drop attributes to control site access for a wide variety of users and contributors. You can do it all... and feel secure knowing that you can easily update roles and permissions at any time.

True Multilingual Support

Go beyond simple site translation and create unique environments targeted to your client language markets. Your site can be seen in a whole new way by users based on their geographic region and language.

Connect to your regional clients with information that blends standard corporate content with targeted promotions or details just for them. They'll be impressed you took the time to reach out and show them what you have to offer.




HORIZON ICM is a website and mobile web management solution for small to medium size businesses


Horizon ICM is an evolutionary step in website content management. This multilingual / multi-channel website content manager is perfect for small to medium sized businesses, non-profits or governmental departments who wish to manage their own website contents.

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